Начало 1, 1e, Lesson 4, Part 3. (0113)

Direction: First read the dialogue and check all unfamiliar words. Click on the play button to hear the entire dialogue. Listen to the dialogue again without looking at the text. Click on each phrase to hear it pronounced separately. Practice reading the dialogue out loud.

- Ты не знаешь, где мой журнал?
- Твой журнал? Не знаю. Может быть, на кухне.
- Нет, на кухне я его не вижу.
- Вот он, на телевизоре.
- Как хорошо! Там есть очень интересная статья.
  1. What is the first speaker looking for?
  2. Where does the second speaker think it is?
  3. Where is it finally found?
  4. What is in it?