#0171. Начало 1, Lesson 7. Dialogue templates.

Prepare each dialogue according to the template.

Dialogue 1.1

A. - Good morning/day/evening, name. Is name at home?
B. - Good morning/day/evening, Name. Name is at home. Come in please.
A. - Thank you. And what is he/she doing?
B. - He/she is ....

Dialogues 1.2-1.3
A. Greet B.
B. Return greeting.
A. Invite B to a housewarming party.
B. Find out when the party is.
A. On one of two days.
B. Indicate which day is good for you. Find out who else A is inviting.
A. Names of two people you are inviting.
B. Ask if you can invite your Russian friend X.
A. Say that it's a great idea. Tell B to please invite C.

Dialogue 2.2
A. The phone rings, you answer it.
B. Greet A with part of day. Ask politely if X is at home.
A. X is not at home. He/she is at ...
B. Ask if A knows when X will be at home.
A. Tell B politely to call in the morning/evening.
B. Thank A, and say good-bye.

Dialogue 2.3
A. Invite B to a rock concert on a specific day of the week.
B. Thank A, and tell him/her that you can't make it on that day.
A. Tell B that you are sorry, and that the concert will be very good.
B. Tell A that you are sorry, too, and also tell him/her why you can't make it on that day.

Dialogue 3.1-3.2. Asking to speak to someone on the phone.
A. Greet the person answering the phone with part of day. Ask politely to speak with X.
B. Tell A that x is not at home, that he/she is at ...
A. Find out when he/she will be at home.
B. Tell the caller to call back at some other time (ex.: in an hour, in the evening, tomorrow morning, etc.)

Dialogue 3.3. Making an invitation.
A. Invite B to a X's houseworming on a specific day. Tell B that you were invited, and that you are inviting him/her.
B. Ask A if that's fine, since you don't know X.
A. Tell B that it's fine.
B. Ask A what you need to bring.
A. Tell B two items to bring.

Dialogue 4.1
A. Do you live in a/n house/apartment/dorm?
B. No, I rent a/n house/apartment/dorm.
A. Is there furniture?
B. Yes, there is everything I need.

Dialogue 4.2
A. Do you like your new apartment?
B. Yes, it's very nice.
A. And your neighbors?
B. The neighbors are nice. One is a/n X, the other one is a/n X.

Dialogue 4.3
A. Do you know professor X?
B. Of course! He teaches at our university.
A. I didn't know that he/she was a/n X. I thought that he/she was a/n Y.
B. Yes, he is X, but he also knows Y/Z.
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