Начало 1, Lesson 2, Part 3. Dialogue templates. (0264)

Directions: Prepare each dialogue according to the template.
Dialogue 3.1

A. Person B, allow me to introduce you, this is my father|brother|mother|sister|professor person C.
B. Hi, person C, pleased to meet you.
A. Person C, person A is our neighbor|professor|pianist|musician.
C. Pleased to meet you, person B.

Dialogue 3.2
A. Is this your new car|book|house|apartment?
B. No, my object is over there.
A. And whose object is this?
B. I don't know.

Dialogue 3.3
A. Are you our neighbor|professor?
B. Yes.
A. And what is your name?
B. First Patronymic.
A. Pleased to meet you, First Patronymic?