Начало 1, Lesson 2, Part 2. Dialogue templates. (0321)

Directions: Prepare a dialogue according to each template. Practice saying the dialogues without looking at a Russian text. Be prepared to perform the dialogues with a partner.
Dialogue 2.1

A. --Hello!
B. --Hello! Are you our new neighbor?
A. --Yes. Here is my new apartment.
B. --And what is your name?
A. --Name. And yours?
B. --Name.

Dialogue 2.2

A. --Is your new apartment big?
B. --It's big, but bad. And yours?
A. --Ours is small, but nice.

Dialogue 2.3

A. --Who is this?
B. --Our neighbor, Name.
A. --Who/what is he? A student?
B. --No, he is a musician.
A. --A musician neighbor? That's terrible!