Начало 1, Lesson 1, Part 2, Wokbook exercise М. (0367)

Directions: In the box next to each prompt write the letter that corresponds to the appropriate response. You may use a letter more than once. Click anywhere on the page to check your answer. Click on the ? button to see the correct answer.
1. You say good-bye to your professor. а. Пока, Саша!
2. You say hello to two schoolchildren. б. Как дела?
3. A neighbor woman asks how you are doing. в. Дима, Саша, Привет!
4. You say hello to the parents of a Russian friend. г. Извините, как вас зовут?
5. You are talking to a Russian student in the cafeteria and ask his name. д. Здравствуйте!
6. You are petting the neighbor's dog and playfully ask it what its name is. ж. Как у вас дела?
7. You run into a fellow student and ask her how things are going. з. Как тебя зовут?
8. You were just introduced to a professor, but you have already forgotten his name. и. До свидания, Ольга Петровна!
9. You say good-bye to your roommate.