Начало 1, Lesson 6, Part 1. Dialogue templates. (0521)

Directions: Prepare a dialogue according to each template. Practice saying the dialogues without looking at a Russian text. Be prepared to perform the dialogues with a partner.
Dialogue 1

A. --How old is your [brother|sister|mother|father|friend|]
B. --xx years.
A. --Where does he|she tudy?
B. --At the university.
A. --In which department?
B. --Department.

Dialogue 2

A. --Your [brother|sister|mother|father|friend|] is very nice looking.
B. --He|she thinks so, too.
A. --How old is he|she?
B. --He|she is only xx years old.
A. --And how old are you?
B. --I'm already xx years old.