Начало 1, Lesson 3, Part 3. How would you do the following? (0553)

Directions: Practice saying your responses out loud in Russian. Pay special attention to the accent. Check your grammar carefully. Reply with complete sentences. You may print or record your responses and hand the exercise to an instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  1. Ask your friend where she is going.
  2. Tell your friend where you are going.
  3. Tell your friend if in your opinion it's difficult to write compositions.
  4. Ask your friend who is her favorite composer.
  5. Your friend sees you in the car and wants to know where you are going. How would you reply?
  6. Ask your friend if she is going home or to work.
  7. Ask your friend what magazines he reads.
  8. Ask your friend what his favorite city is.
  9. Tell your friend where your parents are going (by car).
  10. Ask your friend if in her opinion Russian is a difficult subject.