Начало 1, Lessons 1 - 4.2, Questions. (0584)

Directions: Practice asking and answering the questions orally. Click on a number to hear a question. Provide an approapiate answer for each question.
Lesson 1
1. What's her name?

2. What's his name?

3. What's your name?

4. How are you?

5. Is this Anton Pavlovich?

6. Is Kolya at home?

7. Where are your tickets?

8. Is this your magazine?

Lesson 2
9. And are you our new neughbor (male)?

10. Is your new apartment big?

11. Where do her sisters live?

12. Are these your sons?

13. Are your neighbors young?

14. Is this your apartment?

15. Where do his daughters live?

16. Is your apartment the second one?

17. Excuse me, is this your dog?

18. Excuse me, where is apartment ten?

Lesson 3
19. Where does Maksim work?

20. Are you writing a letter?

21. What are you doing?

22. Where does Nadya live?

23. What are you reading?

24. Where does Misha work?

25. How well do you play chess?

26. Where do you live?

27. Do you play basketball well?

28. Do you know what his name is?

29. Is the drugstore on the left or on the right?

30. Do you know where Mila is going?

31. Do you know what the neighbors are doing?

32. Do you know what day is today?

Lesson 4, 1-2
33. What kind of a TV do you have?

34. Do you have an American car?

35. Does Vera have my suitcase?

36. Do you like to listen to jazz?

37. Do you sleep a lot?

38. Who has a small dog?

39. Who has a good job?