Начало 1, Lesson 5, Part 2. How would you do the following? (0586)

Directions: Practice saying your responses out loud in Russian. Pay special attention to the accent. Check your grammar carefully. Reply with complete sentences. You may print or record your responses and hand the exercise to an instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  1. Someone whats to know where (city) you went last year.
  2. Tell someone where you keep your books at home.
  3. Tell someone where (place) you went yesterday.
  4. How well do you know your proessor|doctor?
  5. Someone wahts to knwo which American writer you like.
  6. What kind of books does your mother|father|sister like to read?
  7. Tell someone the city and state where you were born.
  8. Tell someone where one of your relatives studied.
  9. Tell someone your major.
  10. Do you understand your professor when he/she speaks Russian?
  11. Do you know the city where you live well?