Начало 1, Lessоn 5, Part 2, Workbook ДД. (0591)

Directions: Read through the following questions, listen to the dialogue, and then click on the most appropriate answer.

  1. The dialogue probably occured

  2. on a city street.
    in a store.
    in a rural area.
  3. The woman wants to find

  4. some music by Tchaikovsky.
    Tchaikovski Street.
    the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall.
  5. The place she wants is now called

  6. Tverskaya Street.
    the Bolshoi Theater.
    Novinsky Boulevard.
  7. The place is

  8. straigh ahead.
    to the right.
    to the left.
  9. The place she wants is

  10. not far away.
    far away.
    in another part of the city.