Начало 1, Lesson 7, Part 2, Workbook, ЕЕ, ВВ. (0638)

Directions: How would you say you did each of the things below at the time indicated? Practice saying each phrase in Russian.
1. At 5 I was watching TV.

2. At 4 I was fixing the car.

3. At 3 I was explaining grammar to my brother.

4. At 2 I was studying in the library.

5. At 1 I was fixing lunch.

6. At 11 I was working in the library.

7. At ten o'clock I was reading a newspaper.

8. At eight o'clock I was at the club.

9. At seven o'clock I was at the library.

10. At five o'clock I was studying English words.

11. At three o'clock I was going to the store.

12. At two o'clock I was writing a letter to a friend in Boston.

13. At one o'clock I was fixing lunch.

14. At twelve o'clock I was at a cafe.

15. At ten o'clock I called my friend.

16. At 9 o'clock I was reading a newspaper.