Начало 1, Lessons 4.3 - 7. Questions. (0650)

Directions: Practice asking and answering the questions orally. Click on a number to hear a question. Provide an approapiate answer for each question.
1. Are you watching a film today?

2. Are you writing a composition today?

3. Where do you study?

4. Do you play the flute?

5. In America, can you listen to music in a library?

6. Do you always work at home?

7. Do you always do your homework?

8. Do you know where Tverskaya street is?

9. Do you have a map of Moscow?

10. Does classical music interest you?

11. Do you want to live in California?

12. Do you want to play volleyball?

13. Where does your mother work?

14. Where do you park the car?

15. Did you read Bulgakov in Russian?

16. Do you know Chicago well?

17. I like Steinbeck. And you?

18. What kind of a music teacher do you want?

19. What kind of a magazine are you reading?

20. To what kind of restaurant do you often go?

21. What kind of a car do you want to buy?

22. How old is your friend?

23. Where does he study?

24. What kind of music do you like?

25. Do you live far from the university?

26. When will you be at the university?

27. When will you be strolling in the park?

28. Do you love Chekhov's plays?

29. Do you like Chekhov's plays?

30. Do you like your new apartment?

31. These are difficult words. Did you learn them already?

32. Do you understand Spanish?

33. When will the concert be?

34. When will the classes be?

35. Did you already graduate from the university?

36. Do you work only in the evening?

37. Whom do you want to call?

38. Do you like this magazine?

39. For which exam are you studying?

40. Did you already rent an apartment?

41. Do you like it here?

42. Where is your new acquaintance?