Голоса 1, Lesson 1. Dialogue templates. (0663)

Directions: Prepare a dialogue according to each template. Practice saying the dialogues without looking at a Russian text. Be prepared to perform the dialogues with a partner.
Dialogue 1
A. --My name is (Name). And what's your name?
B. --My name is (Name).
A. --Glad to meet you.
B. --Glad to meet you.

Dialogue 2
A. --My name is (Name). I am American.
B. --My name is (Name). I am also American.
A. --Are you a student?
B. --Yes, I am a student. I study in (City).
A. --Yes, I am also a student. I also study in (City).

Dialogue 3
A. --Good (morning, afternoon, evening). My name is (Name).
B. --My name is (Name). Where do you live?
A. --I live in (City). And where do you live?
B. --I live in (City).

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