Голоса 1, Lesson 3. How would you say it in Russian? (0672g)

Directions: Click on each phrase to hear it pronounced in Russian. Practice saying each phrase in Russian.
1. We know Russian a little bit.

2. Do you study languages?

3. Do you write in English?

4. Do you know Russian?

5. Who speaks English?

6. I know Russian.

7. I read Russian.

8. I understand Russian.

9. I write in Russian.

10. I study Russian.

11. What languages do you speak?

12. In what languages do you read?

13. In which languages do you write?

14. What languages do you study?

15. What languages do you know?

16. What languages do you understand?

17. The parents speak Russian?

18. These students understand Russian.

19. Boris studies French.

20. Do you write in Russian?

21. Who speaks Russian?

22. Do you speak Russian?

23. You studied Russian.

24. Do you know Spanish

25. At home we speak only in English.

26. You speak Russian very well.

27. You speak Russian so well.

28. I understand Russian poorly.

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