Голоса 1, Lesson 4. Dialogue templates. (0678)

Directions: Prepare a dialogue according to each template. Practice saying the dialogues without looking at a Russian text. Be prepared to perform the dialogues with a partner.
1. Where do you go to school?
--Where do you go to school?
--At [school].
--What year are you in?
--What's you major?
--What an interesting major!
--I think so, too.

2. Are you in school or do you work?
--Are you in school or do you work?
--Earlier I used to work. And now I'm in school.
--At a university?
--No, at an institute.
--What languages do you know?
--I speak English well. I also undestand a little French. --I only speak Russian a little bit.

3. I study Russian.
--[Name], where do you go to school in America?
--At [school]
--What's your major?
--I don't know yet. Perhaps Russian language and literature.
--And what do you study here in Russia?
--I study Russian.