Голоса 1, Lesson 4. How would you say it in Russian? (0680)

Directions: Click on each phrase to hear it pronounced in Russian. Practice saying each phrase in Russian.
1. What's your major (specialty)?

2. Do you go to school, or work?

3. What courses are you taking? (What are you studying?)

4. What are you reading?

5. Do you like philosophy?

6. Does father like sports?

7. I think so, too.

8. I speak English well.

9. Russian is very difficult.

10. We are reading an article in an American journal.

11. You read English well.

12. I'm now studying English.

13. What language are you studying?

14. Where do you live?

15. I'm a sophomore.

16. Do you attend a university?

17. I live in a dorm.

18. She is in the first year (Freshman).

19. What are they studying?

20. I study math.

21. I'm reading a new book.

22. Mom likes literature.

23. We like Russian music.

24. This is a good university.

25. This student is also in the second year.

26. The neighbor also studies in the library.

27. I also study at home.

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