Голоса 1, Lesson 4. Essay. (0682)

You want to send your first letter to your Russian penpal and you want to tell them as much as possible about yourself and your family. Include as many of these as are appropriate:
Introduce yourself by telling your first name and last name, where you live, where you used to live, what school you go to, your major, what courses you have taken, what courses you are taking now, what year you are in, describe the university with at least one adjective, do you live in a dorm, apartment, house, describe your residence. Tell where your parents live, if they work, where they went to school. Say what things you like and don't like, and what things you like to do and not like to do. Finally ask your penpal at least three questions. Be sure to use only vocabulary that we have covered up to the current lesson.
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