Голоса 1, Lesson 7. Questions. Textbook, Exercise 7-39. Привет от твоей русской семьи. (0710g)

Directions: Listen to the audio for Exercise 7-39. Привет от твоей русской семьи and answer the questions below. You may send your written answers to the instructor to be checked for accuracy.

  1. How many members in the family?
  2. What does the father do for living?
  3. Where does the father do?
  4. What does the mother do?
  5. Where does she work?
  6. Where does the brother go to school?
  7. What's the brother'e major at school?
  8. What do we learn about his personality?
  9. What grade is the sister in?
  10. What is the sister like?
  11. Does the grandmother work?
  12. What is she like?

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