Голоса 1, Lesson 7. Немного о себе. (0713g)


This assignment is both written and oral. You will do the oral presentation in class. You will be graded on both parts separately. Therefore, unless you have a valid university excuse and you are absent from class, you will not get a grade for the oral part. The oral part should not last more than 3 minutes. So, make sure you practice. The only thing you can have in front of you is the family tree with no notes written on it. You will hand in the written part in class. Your presentation should be in this format:

My name is [name].
I am [years] years old.
I was born in [place] and grew up in [place].

If you are a parent say how many children you have [sons and daughters].
If you are a child and have siblings say how many of each [brothers and sisters] you have.
If you are a child and have siblings say how much younger or older you are than any one of your siblings.
When telling ages, parents must be at least 20 years older than their children.

[Now introduce any 3 family members]
This is my [relative].
His/her name is [name].
He/she is [years] old.
His/her profession is [profession] and works/studies at [place].
He/she is [2 adjectives].
Repeat 2 more times and introduce 2 more relatives.

Do not be repetative. On the oral part you will be graded mainly on fluency. That means you should be speaking without hestating between words and sentences. Your pronunciation must be clear so that other students can understand what you are saying. Practice your presentation out loud. Record yourself and listen to your presentation. Can you understand what you are saying? If not, practice some more. Use ONLY vocabulary that is in the textbook up to the current lesson.

Here is a link to the class family tree.

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