Голоса 1, Lesson 7. How would you say it in Russian? (0714g)

Directions: Click on each phrase to hear it pronounced in Russian. Practice saying each phrase in Russian.
1. Grandmother and grandfather are retired.

2. I don't have brothers and sisters.

3. Where were you born (feminine)?

4. He is 21.

5. Our sisters work here.

6. What's your grandfather's name?

7. What's your father's name?

8. What's your aunt's name?

9. What is your friend's (male) name?

10. What's your grandmother's name?

11. What's your sister's name?

12. What does your father do for living?

13. Who is this in the photograph?

14. Mom by profession is a nurse.

15. We are twenty-nine years old.

16. He still goes to school.

17. He is three years older than me.

18. He is very serious and nice.

19. She is two years younger than me.

20. They live in Florida.

21. They are very healthy and energetic.

22. They are not old at all.

23. How many children in Katya and Vadim's family?

24. How many grandmothers do you have?

25. How many blouses do you have?

26. How many sisters do you have?

27. Are you an only child?

28. Do you know my friend (male)?

29. The friend has one brother and one sister.

30. Mom has two brothers and two sisters.

31. I have an older brother.

32. There are few such grandmothers and grandfathers here.

33. Does Sasha have brothers and sisters?

34. I (female) grew up in New York.

35. I don't know anything about your (familiar) family.

36. I (female) was born in California.

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