Useful Web Sites


ESL, EFL, and L2 Information (from the Linguist List; One site leads to all)
Dave's ESL Cafe (is a popular ESL site maintained by Dave Sperling)
Jiang Nan's Web ESL page (constructed as a project for a graduate course I took; has links to sites related to ESL)
A brief survey of language learning methods (This SIL page has a good summary of Richards and Rodgers)
ESL/EFL Chatboard
TESOL On Line: (official site of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages, Inc.)
The Internet TESL journal

Sites/Pages related to a specific method or topic

The Direct Method
Berlitz International, Inc. Web page (with evreything about the modern versions of Berlitz School; Its corporate URL is http://www.bertitz.com, and the above link leads to the English version of the page; Check the Corporate Info link for an introduction to Maximilian D. Berlitz, the founder of the method, and the Berlitz Method)

Situational Language Learning
Kucera and Francis (1967) English Word Frequency List (2200 most frequent English words from Kucera and Francis' study)

The Silent Way
The Silent Way Web page (has information about the SW, Gategno, and Cuisenaire, and materials distribution)
Teaching LAKOTA The Silent Way ( is a course page for teaching Lakota using the SW; has some good examples)
On Using Computers as a Tool for Learning: Part 1 by Bill Bernhardt (a paper discussing how to combine the Silent Way and computer technology in teaching a foreign langauge)
Gattegno Discussion Board (an Internet discussion board about the Silent Way)

"Suggestopedia" and Accelerative Language Teaching/Learning (contains numerous links to Web sites related to Suggestopedia, including Lozanov's Web page; one site does it all)

Community Language Learning
Community Language Learning- Theory & Lesson Plan by Nada AbiSamra

Total Physical Response
Total Physical Response Web page by Sky Oaks Productions, Inc. (looks like the official Web page for TPR; you can order TPR materials on this site; you may want to read Asher's paper "Year 2000 Update for Total Physical Response")
Total Physical Response Storytelling (has some interesting materials for using TPR storytelling)
Language By Command: The Total Physical Response approach to learning language by James J. Asher
TPR: Still a Very Good Idea by Stephen Krashen
Annual Foreign Language Teachers Workshop (contains a dozen or so of links on TPR)

The Natural Approach
The Natural Approach site by Vedat Kiymazarslan
An Introduction to the Natural Approach: Theory and Application (author unknown, but an informative paper)

Focus on Form
M. Sharwood Smith's Powerpoint presentation on Focus on Form

TESL and Technology
Web-Based Foreign Language Teaching by George Mitrevski at Auburn University.
The History of CALL Web Exhibition