Teaching Experience


Courses and Curricula Developed


Use of Experiential Learning in Business Analytics and Introduction to Information Systems Courses, 2010-2016.


Developed serious games for use in introductory engineering classes, 2009-2013.


Designed and implemented a cross-disciplinary Business-Engineering-Technology Minor Program, 1999-2008. 


Disseminated the instructional materials developed by LITEE to faculty members at FIE Conference during 1999 and 2000, Sigma Xi Conference during 1999 and 2000, and NEC Conference during 1999, and exhibit booths at ASEE Annual Conference each year starting1999.


Helped develop the instructional materials and strategies related to Introduction to Engineering course in the Department of Mechanical Engineering from 1999 to 2013.


MECH 2210 – Concepts in Design and Manufacturing:  I have worked with Dr. P.K. Raju in order to develop the contents for this course.  The instructional methodology for this course uses case studies developed as part of our joint work. 


ENGR 1110 – Introduction to Engineering: This freshman-level class provides students with “hands-on” experiences that show how the science, math, and information technology concepts relate to engineering practice.  Case studies developed as part of the NSF contract are used in this course.  A textbook co-authored with Dr. Raju is used as the required book in this course.


BUSI/ENGR 3520 – Integrating Engineering and Business Theories with Practice: The purpose of this course is to provide students an opportunity to participate in decision-making scenarios involving technical and non-technical issues in companies by working with case studies.


Courses in other Universities – Several faculty members around the country (including statistics and Mechanical Engineering departments at Auburn University) use the case studies developed by the Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education (LITEE) team in their classes.  Further information is available at ww.litee.auburn.edu.


Dissertations and Thesis Committees


·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Sumukh Ramesh, 2016.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Siddhartha Yamalakonda, 2016.

·       Chair, Dissertation Committee, Justin Bond, 2014.

·       Chair, Dissertation Committee, David Bourrie, 2014.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Lin Lu, 2014.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Hao Fu, 2013.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Asaad Mohamed, 2012.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Satish Kuchi, 2011.

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Donald Dyer, 2011.

·       Member, MMIS Committee, David Rose, 2011.

·       Member, Master’s in GIS Committee, Darrell Rigsby, 2011.

·       Member, Dissertation Committee, Pramod Rajan, 2012.

·       External Examiner for Ph.D., M. Hemalatha, NIT Trichy, India. 2010

·       External Examiner for Ph.D., Three candidates, NIT Trichy, India, 2009-2013.

·       Chair, Dissertation Committee, Barry Cumbie, 2008

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Steven Carter, 2007

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Zachery Byrd, 2007

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Matt Dyer, 2006

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Seema Hegde, 2005

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Gina Montgomery, 2005

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Srinivas Kumarasetty, 2005

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Chris Dillard, 2005

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Nitesh Ahuja, 2005

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Phani Bhusan, 2005

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Patrick Noll, 2004

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Barry Cumbie, 2004

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Scott Waitts, 2004

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Jason Hoover, 2002

·       Chair, BS (Honors), Andy Redman, 2002

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Jay Henderson, 2002

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Nadja Bliedung, 2002

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Chet Plank, 2002

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Justin Williams, 2001

·       Member, MMIS Committee, David Patton, 2001

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Patrick Klesisus, 2000

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Justin Cochran, 2000

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Anthony Santella, 1999

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Szu Huey, 1999    

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, LaTonia Alexander, 1999

·       Member, Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Vamsee Dasaka, 1999

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Mike Kler, 1997

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Jai Mohan, 1997

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Jeffrey Moreno, 1997

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Jeffrey Hukill, 1997

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Brad Henderson, 1996

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Liu Li, 1995

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Cynthia Jones, 1995

·       Member, Dissertation Committee, Lucretia Zienert, 1995

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Barry Hoffman, 1995

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Jay Whitman, 1995

·       Chair, Dissertation Committee, Kamal Hingorani, Completed 1995

·       Chair, Dissertation Committee, Jerry McCreary, Completed 1994

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Suzie Liu, 1994

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, Chien-Ting Chen, 1994

·       Chair, MMIS Committee, William Dent, 1994

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Balaji Chanamolu,1993

·       Member, Dissertation Committee, Thomas Roberts, 1993

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Hunter Gasser, 1993

·       Member, MMIS Committee, Susan Denson, 1993


Teaching: Honors and Awards

·       2016 Geospatial World Excellence Award.

·       2013 Society for Information Management Best Paper Award.

·       Mentor of Post-graduate scholar, Jian Yu, Tsinghua University, China, during Sept. 2010-May 2011.

·         Geospatial Mapping of the Coastal Communities of Alabama, Winner of the Campus Technology 2010 Innovators Award, Boston, MA. 

·         Appointed Editor of the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 2008-current.

·         Nominated for 2008 National Academy of Engineering Gordon Prize Award for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education. 

·         Editor-in-Chief of Journal of STEM Education: Innovations and Research, 2000-2008 and Managing Editor, 2008-current.

·         Mini-track chair of “IT in Education” track at Americans Conference on Information Systems, Every year starting in 2001 to current.

·         iNEER Recognition Award by the International Network for Engineering Education and Research, 2006.

·         1998 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Courseware, “Della Steam Plant Case Study.”

·         Winner of the 1997 American Society for Engineering Education Instructional Unit Award Competition.

·         First-Place winner of the 1995 Decision Sciences Institute Instructional Innovation Education Awards Program