Chetan S. Sankar

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College of Business Advisory Council Emeritus Professor of Information Systems



Chetan S. Sankar is the College of Business Advisory Council Emeritus Professor of Management Information Systems.  He was the founder and director of the Geospatial Research and Applications Center (GRAC) and was a co-principal investigator in the Laboratory for Innovative Technology and Engineering Education (LITEE). 


Dr. Sankar has published more than 250 papers in journals, book chapters, books, and conference proceedings on the topics of telecommunications management, evaluation of innovative instructional methodologies, and challenges in use of information technologies in multiple industries.  His research interests focus on developing and testing innovative practices to integrate teaching, research, and outreach both locally and globally. 


Dr. Sankar has received multiple awards for excellence in teaching, outreach, and research, including the 2013 Society for Information Management Best Paper Award, 2012 IEEE Transactions on Education Best Paper Award, 2011 Computer Science Laureate, 2010 Campus Technology Innovator Award, 2006 iNEER Recognition Award by the International Network for Engineering Education and Research, 1998 Premier Award for Excellence in Engineering Courseware, 1990 Paper Award Competition by the Society for Information Management, and First-Place winner of the 1995 Decision Sciences Institute Instructional Innovation Education Awards Program.  In addition, he served as the editor of the Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education ( from 2008-2012.