Michel Smith

Mathematics and Statistics




Parker 314 (334)-844-4290


Field: Topology E-mail:smith01@mail.auburn.edu

Selected publications:

1.     "Generating large indecomposable continua," Pacific Journal, Vol. 62, No.2 (1976), PP. 587-593. (with Sam Young), "Periodic homeomorphisms on T-like continua," Fundamenta, CIV (1979), pp. 221-224.

2.     "Plane indecomposable continue no composant of which is accessible at more than one point," Fundamenta, CXI (1981), pp. 61-69.

3.     "Every mapping of the pseudo-arc onto itself is a near homeomorphism," Pro. AMS 91 (1984), pp. 163-166.

4.     "No arbitrary product of Beta([0,1)) - [0,1) contains a non-degenerate hereditarily indecomposable continuum," Topology and Appl. 27, (1987), pp. 1-6.

5.     "Layers of components of Beta([0,1] x N) are indecomposable," Proceedings AMS. v.114, no.4, April 1992, pp. 1151-1156

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