2013 Auburn University
Mathematics Placement Exam
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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics requires all entering first-year students to take a Mathematics Placement Exam to ensure correct placement in college-level math courses. Your score on the placement exam will allow you to enroll in the right course during Camp War Eagle.


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Math Placement Exam FAQs

If questions not answered below...

What topics does the placement exam cover?

Why does Auburn give an exam?

Do I have to take the exam—even if I have taken AP Math or don’t plan to take math at Auburn?

How will the placement score be used?

Should I get help taking the test to improve my score?

When should I take the test?

When will I see my score?

What if I don’t take the test?

Can I have extra time on the test?

I didn’t score high enough for the first mathematics course in my curriculum.  What can I do?  Does that mean that I need to switch majors?

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