Robert C. Thompson Matrix Meeting 2007

249 Parker Hall, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA

Saturday, March 24, 2007


249 Parker Hall, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA


Robert C. Thompson Matrix Meeting (formerly Southern California Matrix Meeting) is an informal one-day meeting to encourage the interaction and collaboration of researchers on matrices, including application, computation and theory. These meetings were originally initiated by Robert C. Thompson and Steve Pierce in the mid eighties. The attendees in 2004 voted to change the name to honor Bob, deceased in 1995. Previous meetings include


There will be time slots for 20 minute and 30 minute talks. If you would like to give a talk, please email Jane Day ( ), Wasin So ( ), or Tin-Yau Tam (  and no later than March 1, 2007, also please include your title and abstract.


There is no registration fee.

Post-meeting Event

A complimentary dinner will be served after the meeting, to which all participants and their guests are cordially invited. If you plan to attend the dinner, please let Tin-Yau Tam ( know by March 12, 2007.

Travel Information

Motel and Restraurant Information

Organizing Committee

Jane Day ( ), Wasin So ( )  and Tin-Yau Tam (

Local Organizing Committee

Huajun Huang ( and Tin-Yau Tam (

Abstracts (pdf file)

Program (pdf file)

List of Participants:

Aji Affane (Auburn University)
Marina Arav (Georgia State University) Title: Rational realizations of the minimum rank of a sign pattern matrix
Jane Day (San Jose State University) Title: Application of a singular value inequality to graph energy
Joerg Feldvoss (University of South Alabama) Title: Poisson superbrackets, the classical Yang-Baxter operator, and determinants
Peter Gibson (University of Alabama in Huntsville) Title: On eigenvalues of certain classes of matrices
Hongyu He (Louisana State University) Title: Linear algebra method in reconstruction.
Shuangchi He (Auburn University)
Randall R. Holmes (Auburn University)
Huajun Huang (Auburn University) Title: On Gelfand-Naimark decomposition of a nonsingular matrix
Enoch Lee (Auburn University at Montgomery)
Chi-Kwong Li (College of William and Mary) Title: Numerical ranges of the powers of an operator
Zhongshan Li (Georgia State University) Title: Spectrally arbitrary tree sign pattern matrices
Peter Nylen (Auburn University) Title: Partial distance matrices and spring network equilibrium
Tom Pate (Auburn University) Title: A new lower bound inequality for the norm of the symmetric product
Fangyang Shen (Auburn University)
Ron Smith (University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) Title: Some remarks on inverse M-matrices
Helena Smigoc (University College Dublin) Title: Spectrum of nonnegative matrices
Raymond Sze (University of Connecticut) Title: Optimization of the spectral radius of a product for nonnegative matrices
Tin-Yau Tam (Auburn University)
Necibe Tuncer (Auburn University)
Yi Wang (Auburn University at Montgomery)
Jim Weaver (University of West Florida)
Wen Yan (Tuskegee University) Title: Unitary completions of complex symmetric and skew symmetric matrices
Fuzhen Zhang (Nova Southeastern University) Title: Hua's matrix equality and Schur complements
Minxian Zhu (Yale University)

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