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Retail electric competition in Alabama?

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Energy projects

Market reports, Alabama Power/Southern Co/TVA (9 since 1993)

Report on retail electricity pricing, Household International (2002)

Energy Regulatory Authority, Athens Greece (2002)

Electricity restructuring, Alabama Electric Coop (1998, 1999)

Electricity restructuring, South Mississippi Electric Power (1998)

Electricity restructuring, Alabama Public Service Com (1998)

Electricity contract valuation CIBA (1996)

Electricity pricing and impact study Exxon (1996)

Electricity pricing, Louisiana Land and Development (1996)

NASA SBIR valuation projects (5 projects 1994-97)

Market valuation, Robertsdale Livestock Auction (1999)

Port feasibility, Coosa-Alabama River Improvement Assoc (1997)

Panama reforestation project (1993)