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Systems Theory

Scenarios, Plans and Forecasts

Making Varied and Changing Products and Services

The challenge of the future is to make and deliver products and services that are responsive to global competition and changing societal needs. This is the capability side of the equation. It complements the systems theory and scenario-building tools that are the anticipatory dimension.

Product Design


Project Management

Workers and Teams

Informed human decision-making will be the essential production process in the coming information age. By studying manufacturing companies in rural settings in the Southeastern US, my sensitivity to the problem of workplace literacy has been raised substantially. The following


ISO 9000 and other Management Standards

Other Standards

Software Tools

Data Mining, Data Warehousing, OLAP and EIS

If we are to understand the complexities of complex business operations, it is imperative that we develop better ways to measure dynamic and complex behavior. The following links hint at the magnitude of this challenge and underscore the growing interest that exists among organizations of all types.

Data Mining and Warehousing

Business and Corporate Measures and Visualization

On-line Analytical Processing (OLAP)


The emerging dynamic world is also an inherently stochastic one. Events occur in large numbers, with little or no visible connections among them. Nonetheless, in an increasingly tightly woven global economy, the connections are ever present and very real. Statistics is one of our most powerful tools for understanding this new complexity.

Signal Processing and Wavelets, etc.

Windows Software and Software Support

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