Management of Technology

The term "management of technology" is so overused that I have serious reservations about using it here. In teaching about technology , I prefer to focus on the interaction between technology and management. Thus it includes a wide range of increasingly common situations:

Breaking MOT Down for Students

With so many different facets of MOT to consider, the challenge is for universities and companies to decide which aspect they will try to cover in their curriculum. In order to break the problem down into manageable components, I use three typologies to describe what I believe are the most coherent and internally consistent packages of MOT information.

The MOT Challenge Typology

This typology suggests that MOT can be divided into four generic challenges. These are defined by the speed of technological advance and whether the dominant issue is creating or using the technology.

The MOT Response Skills Typology

The differing nature of the challenges in the challenge typology argues that for the position that graduates need different "baskets" of skills if they are to be productive in meeting the different challenges.

MOT Curriculum Opportunities Typology

From the challenges and the requirements, this typology identifies six possible packagings of business school preparation. I have added the additional category of entrepreneurship because it tends to change the magnitude and scope of the challenge. The four quadrant model at the top is appropriate for medium to large, established companies. However, the situation with very small companies is different enough to justify its own approach. In addition, small, startup companies are under so much stress that most changes look as if they are happening too fast.

Curriculum Design

With this analysis as a guide, I have tried to formulate my course content so that it focuses on the area shown above. If you click on the MN673 oval, it will take you to the syllabus for that course.

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