A visit to Burnt Corn, Alabama

Tiny Burnt Corn even has a Web site!

Aug. 29, 2003
Burnt Corn, Alabama

Photos and Web page by Ed Williams
Department of Communication and Journalism
Auburn University

Remembrances of growing up
 in Burnt Corn, Alabama

By Eugenia Ellis Brown

Brownville, Alabama

Conecuh County

"There are so many things that I remember about Burnt Corn....

" I got my first haircut in the barber shop and remember my Daddy paying 5 cents for it.

 "In front of the casket building and across in the Lowreys' yard we played all day long,
jumping from one bail of cotton to the next and keeping score who could stay on the longest without falling between.  Of course, it didn't hurt as the bails were soft.

"I also remember walking to school and being in no hurry.  My best friend was the daughter of the doctor, and we used to hide and try to peep in the back of the doctor's office.  Of course, we never saw anything, but it gave us something to do.

"In the summer, all the children in town would wait down in front of the Mosely house for my Daddy. When he closed, he would play with us -- games like Red Rover.

"Oh, I could go on and on....

"I remember that a movie came to town and set up a tent across from Lowry's store.  We all went to the movie.  I don't remember what it cost, but I do remember that there was no sound. 

"A small circus came to town one time, too.  I don't know how they found Burnt Corn, but they did.

"I'll stop right there, but I could go on for days....

"Oh, I forgot to tell you that the county line ran right through our house.  We ate in Conecuh and slept in Monroe.  We paid taxes in both counties."


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