Pine Hill Cemetery
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Thursday and Friday
May 5 and 6, 2005
Auburn, Alabama

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Eliza L. thach  (1836-1918) and Charles Coleman Thach (1860-1921).
 Eliza is the mother of Charles Coleman  Thach who became president of
 Alabama Polytechnic Institute in 1902.
 Portrayed by Erlene Lingle and Wayne Reuter.

Alma Blackmon Whatley (1892-1978).  A young teacher from Columbus, Ga.,
Whatley was a woman living in a man's world because of trials in the family. 
Portrayed by Ashley Whatley.

Annie Mae Knapp (1894-1979). 
Her husband, Levi Knapp was postmaster of Auburn.
 Annie Mae made the best chili in the South.  
Portrayed by Judy Jones.

Dr. Cecil S.Yarbrough (1878-1946).
 Town "Doc" for 23 years. Owner of Pebble Hill.
Portrayed by John Rice.

Dr. Charles Allen Cary (1871-1935).
 Veterinarian known for his extensive research on the quality of beef. 
Portrayed by Chris Hughes.

Dr. George Petrie (1866-1947) and Mary Barkwell Lane Petrie (1876-1942).
  Dr. Petrie wrote the Auburn Creed.
 Mary Barkwell was the daughter of Gen. Lane.
 Their old home place is preserved on Sanders Street down from Cary Woods School. 
Portrayed by Becky and Charlie Hendrix.

Cliff Hare (1869-1948). 
"Fessor Hare" loved Auburn sports. 
The stadium was first named for him,
and later Coach Ralph "Shug" Jordan's name was added.
Portrayed by Kirk Walden.

Dr. Isaac McAdory (1882-1952)
 a veterinarian who worked with Dr. Charles Allen Cary in eradicating T.B. in cattle.
 Portrayed by McAdory Lipscomb III.


Red (1902-1980) and Luckie Meagher (1905-1995). 
This couple met at the University and married. 
They are known  for their business, the Sani-Freeze or the "Flush."
 Portrayed by Jan Jones and Mike Morehouse.


Henrietta Davis (1904-1987), associate editor of The Auburn Bulletin,
inducted  into the Alabama Newspaper Hall of Honor in Ralph Brown Draughon Library.
 Wife of Neil Davis, founder of The Auburn Bulletin.
 The Davises were extremely involved in community affairs and helping others.
 Portrayed by Katherine Jarvis.

Mose  Harper, a young slave boy who came over with his master, John Harper.
  Judge John Harper (1789-1847), the founder of Auburn in 1836 who gave the land
 on which Pine Hill cemetery lies. 
Portrayed by Jonathon Finch and Robert Harper.

Gatsy Rice.  Born a slave, but ran a boarding house and did seamstress work after the war.
  The only black grave marked in Pine Hill Cemetery. 
Portrayed by Ernestine Robinson.

Jethro Walker (1808-1858), was mysteriously murdered while reading the Bible in his parlor.
 Portrayed by Roger Bell or Peter Branum.

Uncle Billy Mitchell (1787-1856) was buried
as he requested, in his feather bed.
Portrayed by Bob Sanders.

Virginia Howe.
  A young Southern girl who fell in love with a newspaper man, but  then took ill and died.
 Portrayed by Britney Hamby.



Remember Auburn,
the loveliest village on the plains.
Founded in 1836 by Judge John Harper

Auburn University has been known as
East Alabama Male College
Alabama Agricultural & Mechanical College
Alabama Polytechnic  Institute
Auburn University

Pine Hill Cemetery was established in 1837.
The oldest grave in the cemetery is that of William Harper (1899-1838)


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