Alabamians consider Kathryn Tucker Windham the state’s best storyteller. Public radio listeners consider her a best friend.

They have found in her a loving companion who shares intimate, evocative memories of swimming holes, penny candy, eccentric neighbors, and lazy days spent counting buzzards and stamping gray mules.

After graduating from Huntingdon College, Kathyrn Tucker Windham became the first woman hired by the Alabama Journal in Montgomery. However, her journalism career began in her hometown of Thomasville, Alabama, where, as a teenager, she wrote movie reviews for her cousin Earl Tucker, the editor of the local newspaper. Though it was a small town, she lived a large life and shares its wonders through her richly textured stories and essays.

She lives in Selma, Alabama.

"Big Fish" and Nemo welcome us!

Salt water aquarium at Selma Dallas County Public Library is fun for kids and grownups alike!
Kathryn Windham and Ed Williams of Auburn pay a visit to the children's department of the library.
Williams points to "Big Fish" who welcomes children to the lively summer children's programs at the library
while Nemo peeks from behind a barnacle rock.

Spending the Day
Kathryn Tucker Windham
June 13, 2006
Selma, Alabama

He even gets a children's balloon!

Mrs. Windham and Williams stop by the Selma-Dallas County Public Library's  children's department. 
"Welcome to 'Imagination Summer 2006'  is this summer's theme -- dedicated in memory of "Miss Kitti" Windham"
whose wonderful life of imagination brought joy to all.  Mrs. Windham's daughter, Kitti, passed away in August 2006.

Our "itinerary" for the day...
1.  A visit to Mrs. Windham's Royal Street home.
2.  A picnic (Hancock's Barbeque) at Old Live Oak Cemetery in Selma.
3.  A visit to children's department at Selma-Dallas County Public Library.
4.  A tour of Church Street United Methodist Church with senior pastor,
     the Rev. George McGehee Sedberry, as our guide.

Web page and photos

By Ed Williams
Auburn, Alabama

1. Royal Street home...

Mrs. Windham's license plate honors her resident ghost, "Jeffrey"

Memorabilia adorns the walls of the Windham Royal Street home

Oil painting of Kathryn Tucker Windham

Nikki Davis Maute (in photo) was a reporter at
 Selma Times-Journal who photographed Jeffrey

Will you walk into my parlor?

Writing is done at dining room table.

This is what a "car house" looks like!


Charlie Lucas, "the tin man," lives next door to Kathryn Tucker Windham.
Charlie Lucas
Click here to learn more about Charlie

2. Old Live Oak Cemetery...

One of the few cemeteries in the South on the National Register of Historic Sites,
 Old Live Oak is the resting place of more than 8,000 people.

Several famous women are buried in Old Live Oak including: Elodie Todd Dawson, staunch Confederate supporter and sister-in-law of Abraham Lincoln; Harriet Hooker Wilkins, the Selma suffragist who in 1922 became the first woman elected to the Alabama Legislature; Clara Weaver Parrish, member of one of Selma's first families and internationally known artist who also is noted for Tiffany stained glass designs (several are in Selma churches); and Frances John Hobbs, well-known suffragist who sewed the most valuable treasures from her jeweler husband's shop into her petticoats, saving them from Union Army looters.

Other historic burial sites include those of William Rufus King, founder of Selma, U.S. senator and vice president of the United States; Benjamin Sterling Turner, Alabama's first black congressman; N.H.R. Dawson, Confederate colonel who later was appointed U.S. commissioner of education; John Tyler Morgan and Edmund Winston Pettus, both Confederate generals who later became U.S. senators; Catesby ap Roger Jones, commander of the Confederate ironclad Merrimac (or Virginia) and of the Confederate Naval Ordnance Works at Selma; and the Rev. Arthur Small, a Presbyterian minister who died in the Battle of Selma.

A picnic at the historic  Old Live Oak Cemetery  in Selma.

3. Selma-Dallas County Public Library...

Originally established in 1904, as a Carnegie Library, the Selma-Dallas County Public Library has grown into a 25,000-square-foot community center located in the heart of downtown Selma, Alabama.

Ernest's Gift
A man's lifelong love of books and reading overcomes the hurt
 of a childhood humiliation in this touching true tale
related by Alabama storyteller Kathryn Tucker Windham
on the occasion of the Selma-Dallas County Public Library's 100th Anniversary.

4.  Church Street
Methodist Church...

Methodist circuit riders apparently conducted the first church services in Selma in the 1820s, and the first Methodist Church was organized here in 1835. The current Church Street building was built in 1901 with a renovation and addition in 1986. The church, located at 214 Church Street at Dallas Avenue, now has a three-building church complex.

Mrs. Windham and her pastor, the Rev. George Sedberry of Church Street United Methodist Church.

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