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Her Whole Heart Devoted (PG)

Episodic sequel to Sense and Sensibility, exploring the Brandons' courtship and early married life. The stories should be read in the following order:



Survival (gen, PG)

Kirk tries to survive in a lethal environment, while Spock tries to balance his duty to his captain with his duty to the Prime Directive.



A Beginning, a Middle, and a Proper End (J/C, PG-13)

Canonical J/C fascinates me. This story explores that relationship, but offers a post-canon resolution that makes a lot more sense to me than the one the PTBs suggested in "Endgame." (Warning: contains brief C/7.)

Only the Moment (J/C, R) (PG-13 version)

Sort of an alternate ending to "A Beginning...," courtesy of a little tweaking of the end of Season 7. That story does inform this one (and, though to a much lesser degree, vice versa), but it isn't strictly necessary that you read it first.

Unplanned (J/C, R—for subject matter and brief language)

This story began as a reworking of the Enterprise episode "Unexpected"--an interesting idea handled, in my opinion, much too lightly--but developed into something more specifically Voyager and J/C. It's mostly canon, though set in the tenth year of Voyager's journey with a few alterations to the crew, thanks to some picking and choosing from "Unimatrix Zero," "Homestead," and "Endgame."



The Night Artemus Gordon Died (PG)

(If you want to know whether there are any character deaths, click here.)  A sequel to "The Night of the Bogus Bandits," but it isn't necessary that you see the episode first.

The Night of the Murderous Machinations (PG)

A crossover with Have Gun - Will Travel.  Jim and Artie suspect Paladin's old friends of plotting to take over Colorado.  Will Paladin work with them or against them?  (HGWT 1st-season episodes are currently available at CBS.  The entire series was released on VHS and can be found used at various online stores; the first three seasons were released on DVD and are still in print.)

Wild Wild Filks

A few filks for fun, both solo and joint efforts by yours truly and my friend and partner-in-lunacy, BJ.