Yuming Paul Zhang

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Auburn University

Office : 204 Parker Hall
Email: yzhangpaul" at "auburn.edu

I am an Assistant Professor at Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Auburn University.
Before joining Auburn, I was a SEW Assistant Professor at the Mathematics Department of UCSD, and my mentor is Prof. Andrej Zlatoš. In June 2019, I completed my PhD at UCLA , under the supervision of Prof. Inwon Kim.

I specialize in Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). My research interests include: Homogenization, Reaction-diffusion equations, Free boundary problems, Porous Medium Type Equations, Hamilton Jacobi equations, Control problems, Chemotaxis Models and Mean Field Games. Here is my CV (Feb 2024).


Le Chen and I are organizing Seminars on Analysis and Stochastic Analysis (SASA).

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