Auburn University

Dr. Nedret Billor Research Group


Graduate Students

Prospective Ph.D. or Master students, full information on Mathematics and Statistics graduate program is available on our Graduate Students page. Details on the application process and frequently asked questions may be found on the Prospective Graduate Students page. Graduate students at Auburn are eligible for GTA positions and fellowship opportunities.

Undergraduate students

If you are undergraduate student and  looking for getting involved in statistical research, please contact me. There are several ways of getting funding. For example:  Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program at Auburn University  and " funded Undergraduate Research Opportunities  " from College of Science and Mathematics.

Postdoc Researchers

Candidates who have a strong expertise in statistical computing (e.g. Matlab, R, or Python), robust multivariate and functional data analysis, and strong mathematical statistics are highly encouraged to apply.

Visiting Scholars or Students

Positions are always available. Self-supported individuals will be given a prior consideration.