Chris Correia, Ph.D.

Drugs & Behavior Research Lab




Our lab is an active, high-energy research group specializing in behavioral studies related to the use of drugs and alcohol, as well as methods of substance abuse prevention and treatment.  Current studies focus on substance use among college students, although population of interest have or will soon include methadone maintenance patients and pregnant substance users.  We also organize a number of related on-campus programs, including National Alcohol Screening Day and clinic a that provides brief assessments and interventions to students with concerns about their use of alcohol (Health Behavior Assessment Center).  These clinical activities have provided us with additional opportunities to do interesting research.


What You'll Find

As you will soon discover, this website is just getting started.


Soon, we hope this website will allow you to visit our lab to see what we've done so far, and what we're up to now.  You will be able to meeting the  graduate and undergraduate students currently working in our lab and check out their interests, or browse through our past, present and future research projects to get an idea of what exactly it is we do.  The journal publications and conference posters presented by members will  also be available for viewing and download.  In addition, there will be a number of teaching resources and links of interest.  After visiting, we hope that you come away with a better understanding of our research and our goals for the years ahead.


News And Notes


Thanks to James Grand for launching this website.

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