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Our lab is staffed by a number of graduate and undergraduate students...

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students

  Trish Benson   Daniel Bradford
Zach Bryant Sarah Brice
Leon Butler Qiana Britton
Jenni Day Vista Lindsey
Natalie Heidelberg Lauren Muse
Amber Henslee Amy Nichols
  Jessica Irons   Lisa Simmons
Glenna Rousseau
Faculty Supervisor
  Chris Correia

I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ, which is not far from Philadelphia.  I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Scranton, a small liberal arts school in Pennsylvania.  I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Syracuse University, where I studied substance use and worked under Kate Carey, Ph.D.  As a post-doctoral fellow at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, I studies under Maxine Stitzer, Eric Stain, George Bigelow, Rolland Griffiths and the rest of the team at the Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit.  I joined the faculty at Auburn University in 2002.  I teach graduate and undergraduate classes, supervise doctoral students in the research and clinical work, and work on my own writing and research projects.  I also supervise a small campus-based clinic, the Health Behavior Assessment Center (HBAC), where we provide substance use assessments and interventions to college students.

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Graduate Students


Amber Henslee

Amber M. Henslee is originally from Springfield, Missouri.  She obtained her undergraduate degree in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry at Drury University in 1998 and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Southwest Missouri State University in 2001.  After working in an outpatient chemical dependency treatment center and obtaining her license as a professional counselor, Amber moved to Auburn and joined the Drugs and Behavior lab. 

Currently, Amber is in her fourth year as a Clinical Psychology graduate student at Auburn University.  Her current research interests include the prevalence of college student drinking and the use of brief interventions, especially among the student-athlete population. As a member of the lab, Amber has worked on various research projects including an alcohol choice study utilizing a multiple choice procedure and a study of National Alcohol Screening Day as a mechanism to deliver personalized feedback to at-risk drinkers. 

Amber’s expected date of graduation is May 2008.  Her career goals include becoming a university professor in an institution at which she will be able to teach and supervise both undergraduate and graduate students.  Furthermore, Amber hopes to have a clinical practice in which she may be able to provide services to the community.  


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  Jessica Irons

I grew up in small-town Thomson, GA (I am originally from even smaller-town West Virginia).  I earned my Undergraduate Degree from Augusta State University where I stayed to pursue a Masters Degree with a focus in Experimental Psychology.  I am currently in my third year at Auburn University in the Experimental Psychology Program where I work with Chris Correia in the Drugs and Behavior Lab (hence my inclusion on his webpage).  My primary research interests within the lab include the physiological and behavioral effects of commonly used drugs such as alcohol and caffeine and behavioral theories of addiction, abuse, and treatment.  My secondary research area is the scholarship of teaching in psychology. 

I am scheduled to graduate in 2007 and I and will be starting as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at James Madison University.  I am looking forward to teaching and conducting research.  On a personal note about this lab and Chris Correia as a mentor, I could not have asked for a better set of experiences as a graduate student in my field…  War Eagle!

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