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WILD 7970 - Habitat selection, use, and occupancy

Course Materials:


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Lecture Material

Lecture 1 Course introduction; syllabus; what is habitat selection; Powerpoint; CODE;
Lab 1 Introduction to statistical packages; Assignment; Data
Reading for 2 Johnson 1980; Buskirk and Millspaugh 2006
Lecture 2 Hierarchy of habitat use and selection; types of data; sampling; CODE; Data
Lab 2 Introduction to general linear modeling; Data; Assignment
Lecture 3 Analysis of Use - Non-use data; CODE; Data
Lab 3 Logistic regression in R; Data; Assignment
Reading for 4 Keating and Cherry 2004; Johnson et al. 2006
Lecture 4 Analysis of Use - Availability data; CODE; Data; Excel file
Lab 4 Analysis of Use-Availability data in R - testing Johnson's position; Data; Assignment
Reading for 5 Boyce et al. 2002
Lecture 5 Evaluation of RSF's and RSPF's; CODE; Data1; Data2
Lab 5 Interpreting output of logistic regression in R; Data; Assignment
Reading for 6 Marzluff et al. 2004 (Just read intro and discussion); Millspaugh et al. 2006 (whole article)
Lecture 6 Estimating RSF's from utilization distributions
Lab 6 Estimating RSF's from utilization distributions in R
Reading for 7 Exercise 1; Exercise 2
Lecture 7 Maximum likelihood for binomial & multinomial models; Powerpoint
Lab 7 Maximum likelihood (Excel); Assignment; Excel file
Reading for 8 MacKenzie et al. 2002
Lecture 8 Single Season, Single Species Occupancy; PowerPoint; CODE
Lab 8 Occupancy analysis in Excel, Presence and R; Assignment; Excel file; Presence Instructions; Data
Reading for 9 MacKenzie et al. 2003
Lecture 9 Multi-season occupancy; PowerPoint
Lab 9 Occupancy analysis in R (continued); Assignment; Excel File
Reading for 10 MacKenzie et al. 2004
Lecture 10 Multi-species occupancy; PowerPoint
Lab 10 Multi-species occupancy in Presence; Assignment; Excel File

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