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Lectures planned for the course are listed sequentially in the table below. The information in this table, and associated links, has been posted to supplement lecture material and to promote further study and review. Additional links and material will be added throughout the quarter.

Course Calendar

Day 1 Class Introduction; Definition of a mineral Begin Reading Chapter 1 in text.
Day 2 Symmetry Operations and Point Groups p. 21-47
Day 3 The 32 Classes and Six Systems of Crystals p. 43-53; 63-107 (main points)
Day 4 From finite to the infinite: 2D Lattices p. 108-115
Day 5 Lattices and Miller Indices of the Crystal Systems p. 123-128; 38-43
Day 6 Symmetry Operations with Translation p. 129-133
Day 7 Other Considerations of Crystalline Materials p. 150-169
Day 8 Atoms, Ions, the Periodic Chart, Bonding p. 170-190
Test #1 Is all the preceeding stuff on the first test?
Day 9 X-ray Analytical Methods p. 276-288, 228-231
Day 10 Packing, Coordination, Charge Balance p. 190-201
Day 11 Pauling's Rules, Solid Solution p, 201-210; p. 233-237
Day 12 Calculation of Mineral Formulas, I p. 240-249; skim 315-330
Day 13 Mineral Physical Properties; Native Elements Ch. 6; p. 334-350
Day 14 Sulfides, Oxides and Hydroxides p. 350-398
Day 15 Halides, Sulfates, Phosphates, and Carbonates p. 398-439
Day 16 Silicate Mineral Structures; SiO2 Polymorphs p. 440-444; 524-532
Day 17 Tectosilicates: Feldspars p. 532-543
Day 18 Tectosilicates: Feldspathoids, Scapolite, and Zeolites p. 543-548, 548-557
Test #2 This is not much fun right now....
Day 19 Phyllosilicate Mineral Structures p. 498-506
Day 20 Phyllosilicates: Serpentines and Clays p. 506-515
Day 21 Phyllosilicates: True Micas p. 515-522
Day 22 Inosilicates: Pyroxenes and Pyroxenoids p. 474-485
Day 23 Inosilicates: Amphiboles p. 485-498
Day 24 Asbestiform Minerals: Uses and Health Risks class handouts, Internet
Day 25 Mineral Formulas, Part II class handouts; p. 240-249
Day 26 Cyclosilicates and Sorosilicates p. 462-474
Day 27 Nesosilicates: Olivines p. 444-451
Day 28 Nesosilicates: Garnets p. 451-454
Day 29 Nesosilicates: Aluminum Sliciates, etc. p. 454-462
The Week of Thanksgiving Break
Day 30 Review of Crystallography and Crystal Chemistry Ch. 9: p. 309-315
Day 31 Igneous Mineralogy and Rock Classifications Ch. 14: p. 558-569
Day 32 Sedimentary Mineralogy and Rock Classifications Ch. 14: p. 569-581
Day 33 Metamorphic Mineralogy and Rock Classifications Ch. 14: p. 581-590
Test #3 - Final Exam

Mineralogy Web Sites

There are many interesting and useful web sites for mineralogy - a few that are really good are listed below:

In addition, use a search engine (such as Yahoo) to look for information on specific mineralogy topics (just try entering the name of any mineral, then add qualifiers to narrow down the list).

Email Dr. Hames

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