The Auburn University Museum Fish Collection

The Auburn University Museum Fish Collectiion is world-wide in scope with particularly strong holdings in the Southeast US and the Guiana Shield of Guyana and Venezuela (South America). At the end of 2017, the collection has cataloged over 750,000 specimens and 68,000 lots (jars). The collection is housed in the Biodiversity Learning Center, a new building (2013) located near the corner of Samford and College on Auburn's main campus. It is part of the Auburn University Museum of Natural History and is supervised by Jonathan Armbruster (curator, 131 BLC, 334-844-9261) and David Werneke (collecion manager, 132 BLC, 334-844-7345).

The collection is fully computerized, and the data can be accessed at VertNet, FishNet2, and GBIF. In addition, both the main collection and the tissue collection can be searched on the AUMNH page.

Campus Map

Campus Map


Dot Distribution Map

Dot distribution map of georeferenced localities in AUMNH Fish Collection