Expeditions and Links to Photos

2016: Guyana, Ireng River

2014: Guyana, Kuribrong and Potaro Rivers

2013: Guinea, Major West African drainages

2012: Thailand, Mekong River

2011: Cameroon, Dja River

2011: Upper Midwestern US

2010: Democratic Republic of Congo: Congo River around Kisangani

2010: Venezuela: Orinoco and Negro Drainages, Amazonas

2010: Bangladesh

2007: Papua New Guinea: Sepik and Fly Rivers

2007: Guyana, Rupununi Region

2005: Guyana, Rupununi Region

2004-2005: Venezuela, Orinoco and Negro Drainages, Amazonas

2004: Central Brazil

2004: Peru, Part of ACSI Transcontinental Expedition

2003: Guyana, Rupununi Region

2003: Venezuela, Southern Bolivar

2002: Guyana, Rupununi Region

2001: Panama, Nearly entire Pan American Highway

1999-2000: Venezuela, Bolivar and Barinas

1998: Guyana, Potaro River with National Geographic



Dot Distribution Map

Dot distribution map of georeferenced localities in AUMNH Fish Collection