Current projects:

1. Modeling and numerical simulations for flows in karest aquifers.
2. Numerical solutions for stochastic partial differential equations and nonlinear filter problems. 
3. Numerical methods for flow in poroelastic media

4. Backward doubly stochastic differential equation methods for nonlinear filtering problems and uncertainty quantification for deep learning.

Recent collaborators
Max Gunzburger, FSU, stochastic partial differential equations, flow in porous media
 A. J. Meir,  Auburn University, Flow in poroelastic media
 Song Chen, University of Wisconsin at La Crosse,  Flow in poroelastic media, bioconvenction models
 Feng Bao, Auburn, Numerical methods for nonlinear filter problems
 Xiaoying Han, Auburn University, Numerical methods for nonlinear filter problems
 Yuehseng Xu,   Syracuse University, stochastic integral equations
 Ying Jiang, Sun Yat-sen University, Stochastic PDES.

  Junshan Lin, Auburn, Stochastic optimization
 Hongmei Chi, FAMU, Efficient quasi-Monte Carlo method

 Dawit Denu, Auburn, Stochastic population dynamics.

 Hans Werner Van Wyk, Auburn, Stochastic optimization.

 Gang Bao,  Zhejiang University. Stochastic interface problems.
 Kai Zhang, Stochastic interface problems.


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