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The Magnetized Plasma Research Laboratory (MPRL) is accepting short white paper proposals for experimental run time for the period September, 2019 through July, 2020.  The mission of the MPRL is to provide access to regimes of strongly magnetized plasmas for studies of fundamental plasma process.  A key criterion for a strongly magnetized means that the transport properties of the electrons, ions, and charged micron-sized particulates (for dusty plasma experiments) are dominated by the magnetic field.

The centerpiece of the MPRL is the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX) device - a multi-configuration, high magnetic field (up to 4 Tesla), superconducting, steady-state research facility.  The large 0.5-meter diameter, 2-meter long bore has both radial and axial diagnostic access and is designed to easily swap vacuum chambers to accommodate a wide variety of experimental designs.  Ongoing studies on the MDPX device include studies of industrial plasma process (e.g., particle growth, material processing), plasma self-organization, dusty plasmas, and the development of diagnostic tools for laboratory and fusion plasmas.

White paper proposals are expected to be at least 2 pages and no more than 5 pages (including references) and will be accepted from scientists at any institution, including from those outside the United States.  

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The end of the form will contain a link to upload your white paper.  White papers should follow the template (MS Word, PDF format).

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