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Session 1:  Strong coupling and colloidal systems

8:30 AM Controlling structure and dynamics of complex plasmasDietmar Block

9:00 AM How many equilibria does an elliptical dust cluster have?  - Terrence Sheridan

9:20 AM Ordering Processes within Vertically Aligned 3D Dust Clusters Truell Hyde

9:40 AM Connecting Talk - Colloidal Physics -  Peter Yunker

10:10 AM Experiments on classical manuy body strongly correlated systems:  from dusty plasmas to colloids - Manis Chaudhuri (withdrawn)

Session 2:  Particle charging I

10:50 AM Dust Charging and Coagulation Processes in Protoplanetary Environments Lorin Matthews

11:10 AM Prominent deviation of dust charge distribution from Gaussianity caused by secondary electron emission - Babak Shotorban

11:30 AM Electric charge and dipole of dust aggregates in the presence of ion flowRazie Yousefi

11:50 AM The effect of single particle charge limits on particle charge distributions in dusty plasmas Romain Le Picard

Session 3:  Magnetic field effects

3:50 PM Crystalline Particle Flows in Magnetized Anodic Plasmas - Jochen Wilms

4:10 PM Interactions of Plasma with Single and Multiple Dipole Magnets in a GEC RF Reference CellMichael Dropmann

4:30 PM Dust particles under the influence of crossed electric and magnetic fields in the sheath of an rf dischargeMarian Puttscher

4:50 PM The Charge of Single Grains in Dense Nanodust Clouds - Benjamin Tadsen

5:10 PM A summary of initial studies of ordered structures and collective modes using the Magnetized Dusty Plasma Experiment (MDPX) device Edward Thomas

Session 4:  Particle Charging 2

8:30 AM Charged Dust Measurements by the Lunar Dust ExperimentMihaly Horanyi

9:00 AM Dust Plasma  - Scott Robertson

9:20 AM Experimental investigation of micrometeoroid ablation using a dust acceleratorZoltan Sternovsky

9:40 AM Motivation/Design of the Caltech Water-Ice Dusty Plasma Experiment Paul Bellan

10:00 AM Formation and alignment of elongated, fractal-like water-ice grains in extremely cold, weakly ionized plasmaKil-Byoung Chai

Session 5:  Interactions

10:40 AM Statistical mechanics where Newton's third law is brokenAlexei Ivlev

11:10 AM Dynamical properties of the chain-like structure of particles interacting via nonreciprocal quasi dipole-dipole interactionIrina Lisina

11:30 AM Grain-Grain Interaction in Stationary Dusty PlasmaMartin Lampe

11:50 AM Approximate expression for the electric potential around a dust grain in isotropic collisionless plasma Igor Semenov

Session 6:  Waves and collective effects

3:50 PM Ion-dust streaming instability and dust wake potential with magnetized ions - Hanno Kählert

4:10 PM Experimental study of global synchronization of the dust acoustic wave in a weakly-coupled dusty plasma systemJeremiah Williams

4:30 PM Mode coupling and resonance instabilities in small dust systemsKe Qiao

4:50 PM Synchronized motion in two-dimensional complex plasma crystals - Ingo Laut

5:10 PM Flow induced dust acoustic and dust acoustic solitary waves in a complex plasma - Surabhi Jaiswal (withdrawn)

Session 7:  Applications

8:30 AM Dust transport in magnetized fusion plasmas:experimental challenges and opportunities Zhehui Wang

9:00 AM Beyond Orbital-Motion-Limited theory effects for dust transport in tokamaks Gian Luca Delzanno

9:20 AM Mie-Scattering Ellipsometry System for Analysis of Dust Formation Process in Large Plasma DeviceYasuaki Hayashi

9:40 AM Aerosol Dynamics in DC discharge Armelle Michau

10:00 AM Competing processes due to microparticle injection and effects on microwave transmission through an overly dense plasma layerEric Gillman

Session 8:  Thermal Properties

10:50 AM Investigating size and density distribution in large 3D dust clouds using Computer Tomography and Mie ImagingCarsten Killer

11:10 AM Dust particle thermal properties in a glass boxJie Kong

11:30 AM Localized viscous heating observed in a two-dimensional strongly coupled dusty plasma John Goree

11:50 AM Phase Transitions in Small and Large Plasma-Dust Systems - Oleg Petrov

Session 9:  Microgravity

1:30 PM Complex Plasma Research on the International Space Station - Peter Huber

2:00 PM PK-4: Complex Plasmas onboard the ISS - The Present Generation -Markus Thoma

2:30 PM PlasmaLab/EKOPlasma - The next laboratory for complex plasma research on the International Space StationChristina Knapek

2:50 PM A Dodecahedron Plasma Chamber for Future Complex Plasma Research in Microgravity Environments - Uwe Konopka

3:10 PM NASA: Current and planned ISS research activities on the physics of dusty plasmas Ulf Israelsson

Available Posters:

A17 Expansion of Yukawa dust cloudsJohn K. Meyer

A26 Study of a two-dimensional shear flowChun-Shang Wong

A27 Experimental Observations of Vertical Clouds In a Boundary-Controlled Dusty Plasma Environment Jorge Carmona-Reyes

B3 A Consistent Model of Plasma-Dust Interactions in a Glass BoxLorin Scott

B8 Meteoric dust particles are the primary charge carriers in the lower ionosphere - Scott Robertson

B13 Dust as discharge probe: single and two particle oscillations -Peter Hartmann

B15 Improved two-beam method for heating of dusty plasma crystals - Zach Haralson

B16 Three-dimensional energy transfer of single particles in dust-density wavesMichael Himpel

B28 Instabilities in complex dc plasmasMichael Kretschmer

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